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If you are looking for a bus to take the teens to camp or a bus to transport your business executives, we can handle your transportation needs.

We have had many experiences through the years.  We have driven for many diverse groups and have many repeat customers.  The group is our priority.  We aren't afraid to take our buses in areas that may be a little off the beaten path.  The picture to the left taken in June, Bear Tooth Highway, Montana.

We have driven groups from many countries as well. China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Bahli.  Our drivers work hard at helping foreigners feels welcome in the country and we go out of our way be good diplomats. 

We have had a few celebrities on our buses as well as college teams from many cities when they are playing locally.

We have traveled from Fairbanks, Alaska to Mexico City and from ocean to ocean.  We can get you where you need to be and you will enjoy the trip.

We have been in Mexico several times already this year.  Although there are some troubles in the country we have not had any trouble or even seen any trouble.  We know the routes around the border towns.  We like to cross during the day and get out of the border towns as soon as possible.  Staying on the main roads and with large groups is a safe way to travel.   We do our best to make groups comfortable in an unfamiliar area!